About Us

Get to know the company that cares

NovaPro is a professionally managed healthcare staffing company, delivering short and long-term nursing, surgical technology and medical specialty staffing services to the continuum of patient care.

Those who work with NovaPro soon realize that the wide variety of career options we offer means both professional advancement and personal happiness. Our travel assignments open the door to your freedom of choice when it comes to where and when you want to work. From the nation’s biggest metropolitan areas to those rural, small towns with plenty of charm, we have the travel nursing jobs database to satisfy your needs. That includes placements at some of the country’s most advanced and state-of-the-art teaching facilities to more intimate and close-knit community hospitals.

NovaPro’s reputation as the kind of staffing company with the size and means to offer you thousands of jobs, but with the one-on-one care of a smaller company is why we’re so excited about you getting to know us even more. After all, it’s your career, and you should be the one to tell us exactly what you want. We’ll work on your behalf to make sure you get just that, with the competitive pay and benefits that you deserve. Plus, we’re happy to bring you the expertise, experience and camaraderie of a staff of registered nurses who are ready and willing to counsel you on important matters related to your travel nursing assignment.

Simply put, this is the place where small company values and big company resources come together. Since we pride ourselves on finding clients and employees the perfect match we devote much of our time to doing just that. NovaPro's extensive job base allows healthcare professionals (HCP) to search from a wide array of locations to suit their wishes as well as address all their complete job package needs.

Our personalized customer service takes everything into consideration when placing a healthcare professional. We believe the formula for success is our extreme dedication to a perfect match between healthcare professionals and the ideal location, facility and assignment. NovaPro healthcare professionals are more experienced in their specialties, so our clients can depend on them to produce from the first day on the job. When everyone is happy, everyone wins.

Founded on the values of a clinically driven organization, NovaPro is committed to providing clients and healthcare professionals with solutions that meet personal standards. We realize that individual facilities and employees have different needs; our commitment customizes a package to fit those requirements.