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It's the Endless Opportunities that Make
Travel Nursing Right for Me!

NovaPro is a premier travel nurse staffing company completely focused on you. It is our mission to ensure that as soon as you apply for a travel nursing job with us, we will anticipate your every need. It is our "you-come-first" philosophy that enables us to provide a first-rate travel nurse staffing service to our highly perceptive clients, and it's why healthcare professionals that take a travel nursing job with us always come back.

As a professionally managed staffing company, we offer a variety of travel nursing jobs, as well as temporary and permanent placement opportunities in diverse clinical settings. Nurses and surgical technologists - you can count on finding your ideal travel nursing job while we assure your satisfaction with the package that suits you... and only you.

Having successfully matched countless healthcare facility clients with those seeking travel nursing jobs, we also know how important your professional future is. The valuable experience and knowledge you will gain with a travel nursing job is an incredible resource in achieving your personal career goals. The fact that you will earn an amazing salary, live in some of the country's most exciting cities and enjoy a variety other incredible travel nursing benefits, only makes this opportunity that much more rewarding.

At NovaPro, personal relationships are essential. We look forward to talking with our future travel nurses and really getting to know them; it's the reason we're able to deliver travel nursing jobs that exactly match what you want. Our people are our business and we know their personal experiences are the reason they choose to work with us. "Our Focus is You," is not just our tagline, it's our guarantee that you'll get exactly what you need in your travel nursing career.

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